Our mission

We believe it’s all about the People not the Technology.

We believe most organisations – with the exception of the “Digital Elite” – have a hefty “Human Debt” (akin to “tech debt”, it comprises all the employee-related tasks we neglected over the years, out of a lack of respect and care).

We believe that technology is superbly empowering and can bring businesses to new heights only if it is coupled with new ways of work and more importantly, new ways of thinking.

We believe that the organisations that do not transform fast enough, don’t embrace DevOps, Agile (to their core) and a relentless focus on People and Teams will lose the digital race.

We believe in hands-on levers of change over rhetoric around “organisations” and “culture” – humans and teams.

We believe the most actionable lever of change in any team, any organisation and any industry is Psychological Safety. And that it can be measured and improve. In every team. At every level.

We believe Psychological Safety can and should be deconstructed into actionable components such as Flexibility, Resilience, Empathy, Courage, Engagement, Learning and Openness. We believe to increase its desirable key positive behaviour of “Speaking Up” fearlessly, we have to inhibit the negative “Impression Management” set of behaviours where we are afraid to engage in the former for fear of appearing Ignorant, Incompetent, Negative, Disruptive, Intrusive or Un-Professional.

We believe developing a strong “people practice” to focus on Psychological Safety and EQ is the only focus smart leaders should have and it should become their most important “day job”.

We believe that the workplace has to change fundamentally away from antiquated structures into new ways of collaborating and creating.

We believe that if we sufficiently obsess about these values, our teams, staying agile and psychologically safe ourselves, we will keep designing solutions for fast, effective and meaningful transformation and high performance that reduce the “human debt”.