People Not Tech is a global tech and media scale-up. Our solutions are revolutionary tools for “humanizing” aimed at bettering teams and organisations.
The Dashboard is a tool for high performance and continous improvement designed for winning enterprises – a cross between a group therapy tool for teams by the teams themselves and an engineering performance dashboard for improving teaming, emotional engagement and the most crucial of ingredients for successful teams: psychological safety. 
The Snapshots (Anti-Burnout and Culture&DEI) are created so they offer quick helicopter views of big human problems and help steer winning teams through more of the improvement cycle we so need to learn how to Humanize in the age of AI.

The People Not Tech Team Dashboard is an application that helps teams of all sizes to improve efficiency, performance and well-being by increasing their Psychological Safety and lowering their Human Debt

Team improvement, engagement and wellbeing, while cardinally important to the enterprise, do not happen overnight.

There is no quick-fix. Winning teams develop through intentional humanizing actions, which drive incremental increases in Psychological Safety, resillience and ultimatley performance.

But the good news is that this “humanizing work”, can be undertaken autonomously at the team level, once they are kitted with enough data and know-how. This is accomplished in much the same way as we can improve the behaviour of individuals through techniques such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.  The best part about it, is that with our platform, teams come to love doing it.

We know that all teams are different, and have varied ways of working. And so we have developed our applications to be as simple and engaging to use as possible while offering deep insight into the team dynamic and our Snapshots to offer a good lever of change and instant transformation in critical points.


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