People   Not Tech™

PeopleNotTech™ is a revolutionary Machine Learning powered software solution that utilises proprietary algorithms to redefine team formation, diagnose and improve team health in light of the fast-paced new ways of work, for organisations who use technology to deliver on customer propositions.

Through a fun and engaging app and website, the solution collects unprecedented behavioural data, integrates existing data streams, measures interactions and suggests teams that have intrinsic workplace chemistry.

It also diagnoses team health with the help of carefully crafted questions and instant feedback to give team leaders a view of their Psychological Safety which is the number one lever of their productivity.

Once team leaders start learning valuable information about their team the solution helps coach them by training their Emotional Intelligence to better their leadership.


_what we believe

We believe it’s all about People not the Technology.
We believe that technology is superbly empowering and can bring businesses to new heights only if it is coupled with new ways of work and more importantly, new ways of thinking.

We believe that what will set you apart from your competitors is whether your people can (re)-connect with your customers and with each other. We believe that the organisations that don’t transform fast will lose the digital race for the heart of the consumer.

We believe that change has to cut deep and be all about building core values: Courage, Knowledge and Passion. For everyone. At every level.

Being brave, having and understanding data and pouring your heart into it, are the only ways in which employees can become invested enough to have purpose, last and grow.

We believe that the workplace has to change fundamentally away from antiquated structures into new ways of collaborating and creating.

We believe that organisational psychology needs to reclaim its driving role and shape the company by redesigning antiquated, traditional structures. Blindly mandated departments and teams, P&Ls, KPIs, and performance management techniques are no longer fit for purpose. Closed, inefficient silos that do not encourage intrapreneurship, exchange of ideas, product
development that delights the customer, have to be revised and transformed.

We believe the answer is replacing them with true passionate collaboration from courageous and knowledgeable people.

We believe that if we sufficiently obsess about these values ourselves,
we will keep designing solutions for fast, effective and meaningful transformation.