People Not Tech is the tech arm of Tech Led Culture. They are the creators of a revolutionary work tool, a cross between a group therapy tool for teams by teams and an engineering performance dashboard for improving teaming, emotional engagement and the most crucial of ingredients for successful teams: psychological safety.  It is an empowering self-improvement tool for teams that collects data anonymously and keeps it private in the team then teaches them to better their own team relationships.  In essence, the software solution uses the latest in academic research in the field of human behaviour and organisational mechanics to measure and increase Psychological Safety, EQ and healthy teaming behaviours.


Do you need to check your level of Tech Led Culture maturity and find a quick way to better the team culture and overall organisational performance?

Do you know how much Human Debt you have and are looking for a way to lower it quickly?

Are you looking for a way to quickly install a people-led culture without long programs, or transformations and hundreds of consultants and millions of dollars?

Are you ready to arrive at high performance and joy in teams and leaders and implicitly create a Tech Led Culture that is devoid of Human Debt?

This solution will give you the cultural edge you need to win in our age of AI where “humanity will remain our only competitive advantage”.


The People Not Tech Team Solution is an application that helps teams of all sizes to improve efficiency, performance and well-being by increasing their Psychological Safety and lowering their Human Debt

Team improvement, while cardinally important to the enterprise, does not happen overnight. There is no quick-fix. It develops through intentional actions, which drive incremental changes. But the good news is that this can be undertaken autonomously at the team level, once they are kitted with enough data and know-how. This is accomplished in much the same way as we can improve the behaviour of individuals through techniques such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

We know that all teams are different, and have varied ways of working. And so we have developed our application to be as simple and engaging to use as possible while offering deep insight into the team dynamic.


The Story of Human Debt and Tech Led Culture So Far…

Our founding team was searching to develop the fastest lever for change to lower Human Debt in enterprises big and small and to have it be more than a knowledge product, it had to be a software solution that we could leave behind once we had achieved enough education and clarity of usage. We needed an artefact of change that developers, testers, product people, operations, technology and communities could use at their own team level to eliminate fear fast and increase their essential Psychological Safety.

The term Human Debt  / HumanDebt™ was coined by our founder Duena Blomstrom. She is an international top voice, influencer, keynote speaker, media personality, NED and advisor to teams and boards who had spent 20 years reaching the top of various industries but remained staunchly outspoken, direct and bullish on the need to quantify and then do away with this – the biggest of organisational ailments that keep modern enterprises back their Human Debt.

HumanDebt is the equivalent to Tech Debt “but for people” – every move intentional or unintentional, overt or covert, that the enterprise made which in retrospect feels like it was done “despite the employees” and not “for them”. Read more about Duena’s definition of HumanDebt here and more about Duena’s new book and framework for successful cultural transformations in a box here