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A fascinating guide for business leaders looking to ensure that their teams remain productive and engaged in the digital era.

Businesses across all sectors now realize that, if they intend on staying competitive in the 21st century, then they must embrace new innovative technologies such as AI, automation and digital platforms. But many business leaders have become too focused upon digital transformation, leading them to neglect other vital elements of their organization. Built upon fascinating research and an international array of case studies, People Before Tech is an incisive examination of how organizations–through their digital transformations–become stranded with optimized teams and disenfranchised employees.

As new technologies are introduced, teams and individual employees are often taken for granted – the uniquely human benefits that arise from a well-structured, collaborative team become neglected, and the employees themselves become unmotivated and overly dependent upon the technical, quantifiable benefits of technology. In People Before Tech, Duena Blomstrom shines new light upon the importance and potential of teams in modern organizations. The book analyzes the benefits of unique methods of working (such as “Agile”) and explores how academic concepts such as “psychological safety” can boost employees’ confidence and ability to work effectively and intuitively within teams.

Duena highlights that it is vital not just to implement technology, but also to integrate it into the existing organizational culture and structure, before providing practical guidance and advice on how business leaders and HR professionals can heighten efficiency and effectiveness of workplace teams through collaborative and innovative initiatives.

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